La Salle Day Mass – at St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church in Los Angeles

LSCOBA-SC celebrated the La Salle Day by participating in the Sunday Mass at the St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church in Chinatown, Los Angeles, to pay tribute and honor St. John Baptist de La Salle, our Patron Saint and the Founder of the Brothers of Christian schools. Father John Lam was the celebrant of the Mass and Father Joseph Pham from nearby Cathedral High School also attended. Over 15 old boys and family members attended the service and several old boys also participated in the liturgy. President Stanley Wong (68’) gave a speech on the pioneer roles of St. Baptist de La Salle in training qualified teachers and providing public education to the poor and underprivileged children. After the Mass, we gathered with friends and parishioners for Dim Sum and refreshment sponsored by the Chapter in the courtyard.


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